The Art of Trilogic Care by balantér®

is an authentic self-care, care of our personality mastery,


for our more beautiful and fulfilling every day,
for our joy of life, knowing of beauty and power in the present moment
even when life is demanding or almost nothing significant and groundbreaking is happening. 

Trilogic Care by balantér® is a physiological system of natural and playfully simple self-care, a luxurious treatment for our personality so that we do not overburden and increase our resilience. That gives us freedom to be in our power, control of our thinking in order to have inner comfort and liberation from what does not benefit us and others, to create our lives and relationships meaningfully, step by step.

Thus we take care of our life energy and condition, we develop concentration, memory and self-awareness, self-reflection, our qualities, abilities, personal talents through systemic tuning of physiological functions of the organism and its systems, using the limbic system and influence on the harmonious activity of both cerebral hemispheres that develops the inner balance of personality.

More texts are being prepared.